Silver Sneakers Tai Chi

The Guang Ping Yang T’ai Ch’i Chuan Association and The Ohio State University

developed Taiji (Tai Chi) For Balance, which is specifically designed to develop

strength, stability, and relaxation (which reduces fear) for building balance. This

class is suitable for all ages and abilities, but is ideal for people struggling with

balance, who have experienced a fall, or have a fear of falling.

Tai chi is a mind-body exercise, which improves the serenity and relaxation of the

mind and thus reduces pain and stress. This ancient Chinese martial art consists of

slowly executed postures. Through gentle movements, tai chi improves muscular

strength, flexibility and fitness, which ultimately supports joints, improves balance,

and prevents falls.

Each class teaches and incorporates the principles of meditation and gentle motion.

Class starts and ends seated in a chair, and the balance portion is performed either

seated or standing.

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